15 Amazing Facts About Coffee

Attention all coffee lovers, we plan to blow your mind with some amazing coffee facts. Coffee, we all know what it is. It is our morning friend, our aid throughout the day, the drink that makes us sane. We have found 15 amazing facts about coffee that you’ll wish you knew about sooner. Some of these facts even surprised some of us, we hope you enjoy them.

1. “Espresso” when directly translated from Italian is ‘when something is forced out’.

2. Coffee was the first product to be freeze dried.

3. People who live in New York drink about 7x more coffee than other cities in the United States.

4. In ancient Arab culture a woman could legally divorce her husband if he did not provide enough coffee. Oddly enough, this was the only way she could divorce him.

5. Technically coffee beans are the pit of a berry making it a fruit. Enjoy your fruit juice.

6. Coffee drinkers are known to be less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease.

7. Most energy drinks do not have as much caffeine as a cup of coffee.

8. The more a coffee bean is roasted, the less caffeine it has.

9. The first webcam was created in 1991 at Cambridge University and was made to let others know when their coffee was ready.

10. Hawaii is the only US state that commercially grows and sells coffee.

11. Coffee is good for your liver. Liver disease caused by alcohol consumption can be reduced by 25% for each cup of coffee you drink.

12. During WWII American soldiers ordered their espresso watered down because it was too strong making the first Americano drink.

13. Wet coffee grinds have been used to exfoliate skin.

14. When adding milk or cream to your coffee, it stays hotter 20% longer than when you do not add it.

15. 400 – 500 billion cups of coffee are consumed a year.

Who knew our great little coffee beans would be so interesting? We hope you had as much fun reading it as we had researching them. Who knew the second most traded good in the world could be so interesting? These coffee beans are so much more than we see them as. These 15 interesting coffee facts is just the surface of what the coffee beans can do for you and about the history about coffee.

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