Why Our Gourmet Coffee Is So Good

Why Our Gourmet Coffee Is So Good

Coffee is actually more complicated than most may think, as specialized roasters we have come to perfect the way that we treat our coffee beans. Coffee, like wine, develop a series of characteristics basted on the location in which it was grown. There are quite a few different elements that contribute to the flavor profile of some of your favorite gourmet coffee flavors.

Shade Grown Coffee

Shade grown coffee is coffee that is grown in natural environments and not land that has been destroyed for coffee bean production. Shade grown coffee does not contribute to negative environment cultivation techniques which would lead to deforestation and slash and burn agriculture. Like its name, this form of coffee is shaded which means that it is protected from the hot sun. Several of the countries that Original Roasters have partnered with have very harsh Summers, so it is important that the beans remain sheltered from the sun so the flavor profiles are not lost. Keeping coffee beans covered from the sun has several benefits, it helps protect our Arabica shrubs safe from diseases that thrive in hot environments and also protects from different insects that can destroy plants.

Mother Nature

The best coffee is one that is organic and natural, coming from the source of the country or region that is being sold. We at Original Roasters understand that at times different regions suffer different types of weather that can potentially affect the taste of coffee. Arabica beans can be very temperamental, as such we only accept the best tasting beans that we can get. Unlike those who mass produce coffee beans, we have a rigorous test we put all of our beans through before selling them to our consumers.

The Origins of Original Roasters Coffee

Here at Original Roasters we offer only the best gourmet coffee, roasting them to order for all of our customers. By pairing up with local farmers from different countries and offering the best price for quality coffee, we can ensure that each sip of our gourmet coffee will keep you coming back for more. Some of the regions in which we source our beans are:


Honduras is still building its name in the gourmet coffee market. Its coffees are usually used as blenders and bases in blends, but the quality of their beans are slowly making a name for themselves. While combing through the region, we stumbled upon a pretty darn good Honduras bean that will surely grow in popularity. Classified as “High Grown” this bean has some unique characteristics that set it apart from the other beans from the region. It has a heavy body and high acidity, which brings its sweet almond-like taste together with citrus, coconut, and caramel undertones and a buttery finish.


Our Kona Royal is harvest from the southernmost part of the Hawaii Big Island.  Kona Royal gives you hints of sweet vanilla, nuts and chocolate.  You can expect a balanced cup of coffee; we roast our Kona medium roast to capture all the delicate flavors of pure Kona coffee.


Grown in the lush rainforest in the amazon, this coffee bean creates a very smooth cup of coffee with mild to low acid and a rich body that any coffee lover would enjoy.  Hints of citrus sweetness and toasted cocoa. Our Peru coffees include Fair Trade Organic, Decaffeinated and Half-Caffeine.


Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world.  Grown at altitudes greater than 7500 feet, Blue Mountain Coffee yields a mild flavor with next no bitterness.  Jamaican Blue Mountain is a scarce commodity with 80% of all Blue Mountain imported to Japan and 20% for the rest of the world.


Our Guatemala Antigua Santa Barbara – This is a taster favorite grown from one of the elite parts of Guatemala in the Antigua region.  The farms from the Antigua region practice sustainable farming and deliver premium quality gourmet coffee.   You can expect medium to high acidity; medium to heavy body; Sweet, almond and hazelnut hints, with notes of brown sugar.  Our Guatemala Coffee is Fair Trade Certified through Fair Trade USA and Organic Certified through ASCO.


Rwanda is country in recovery from not so distant past that shocked the world and humanitarians everywhere.  Today, Rwandan coffee has become their road to improving their country and there quite a few “gems” in their coffee farm community.  Rwanda has advanced their farming techniques and is slowly showing the world why their coffee quality is on the rise.  Our Rwanda Bourbon coffee is a smooth coffee with fruit undertones and dark chocolate sweetness.


The Ethiopia Harrar is known as one of the finest coffees in the world. Grown in southern Ethiopia at around 6,000 feet, the Harrar Mocha is a high quality coffee bean with hints of Jasmine and Lavender. Our Harrar has a rich body, slightly lighter acidity and is roasted at a medium to medium-dark.

Original Roasters serves the San Jose, Morgan Hill and surrounding areas providing freshly roasted beans to both homeowners and local stores. As soon as you order gourmet coffee, that is when they are roasted guaranteeing that fresh flavor with every purchase. Come see our different varieties on our website and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us or email us:

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