What’s In Your Cup of Coffee?

What’s In Your Cup of Coffee?

Not everyone is an expert on coffee, most of us just want something that we are going to enjoy at the start of the day. Finding a coffee that can meet your expectations can be difficult when going to your local grocery store, there are just too many brands that say that they are the best. They explain their roasting process in ways that make it difficult for the average consumer to make sense of. Choosing the right cup of coffee starts with the beans, finding out what bean you prefer can make your visit next time to the local market a breeze.

Know What You Are Getting in Your Coffee

There are only two types of commercial coffee beans available, Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is grown in high altitudes and is known for it’s smooth, slightly acidic taste. Robusta is grown in lower altitudes and is known for its stronger, more bitter taste. Robusta coffee beans are commonly known for uses in instant coffee, or cheap coffee that has a lot of caffeine and isn’t very well known for their great taste. Both types can be good tasting, depending on the way they were roasted. At Original Roasters we use only Arabica, slow roasting each bean till they have all obtained the smooth glossy finish.

Getting a beans that are local to where they say they are from are important. Companies have often manufactured certain beans to taste as if they were from outside countries leaving the customer with modified beans. Finding a coffee that is authentic to where they retrieved the beans can often be the difference between a poor tasting coffee to a delicious drink in the morning.

Caffeine Content

Contrary to common sense, dark roasts actually have less caffeine than medium or light roasts – light roasts having the most of all three. Espresso beans tend to be in the medium roast realm, so if you are looking to maximize your caffeine intake that way, go for a medium-light roast. Medium-dark will offer fewer high kicks.

Here at Original Roasters we have perfected the way coffee should be drunk, we team up with local stores to supply they with only the best beans. We specially roast our beans to order so that you drink coffee that was roasted in as little as a week. We take pride in every cup of coffee you drink from our beans, when you take a sip of coffee made from Original Roasters you will know the difference too.

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