What is Guatemala Antigua Coffee?

Guatemala has been in the coffee distributing business since the 1800’s. While under the rule of Justo Barrios, the dictator at the time in Guatemala, he made the exportation of their coffee vital to the economic state of the country. By the year 1859, there was over half a million coffee trees planted in Guatemala, one region being Antigua. Since then, Guatemala Antigua coffee has been well known in the industry. Coffee grown in the Guatemala Antigua region is known for their acidity and chocolatey undertones. The coffee grown here is often very valuable in Guatemala.

What is Guatemala Antigua Coffee?

Guatemala Antigua, just refers to the region in which the coffee beans was grown. A coffee like this needs no fancy name. Those whom are well versed in coffee, know that beans from Antigua is very high end. The crops of the beans grown in this region are grown at 140 meters above sea level. This type of environment allows the beans to retain a heavier body with notes of candied almond and hazelnut with a brown sugary tangerine like finish. Antigua is also within Guatemala’s region of Strictly Hard Bean criteria.

What is Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) for Guatemalan Coffees?

Strictly Hard Bean is specifically for beans that are gown in specifically for the Antigua, Atitlan, Cobán etc. This criterion was set up by the Asociación Nacional Del Café (ANACAFE), to ensure that each bean achieved a certain level of acidity and flavor profiles. The coffee is processed with passion and precision, although delays in getting the freshly picked coffee fruit down the mountainside to the cooperative mills sometimes imparts a slight, giddily fermented twist to the cup. To obtain beans from Guatemala, that has been branded as SHB, you are getting the highest quality beans in Guatemala.

Guatemala Antigua Coffee is well known all over the world, the unique flavors that the bean itself produces when brewed is enough to make anyone melt. Though, you do not have to be a coffee connoisseur to appreciate the unique tones it has to offer. If you are in the market to try a new flavor of coffee, we strongly recommend trying a bag of Antigua coffee.

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