Coffee: What Makes Gourmet Coffee

Coffee: What Makes Gourmet Coffee

The term “gourmet coffee” has been tossed around by nearly every coffee company out there, that begs the question, what makes gourmet coffee? Well the answer is quite simple, you do. Gourmet coffee is ultimately determined by the consumer. Whatever the consumer enjoys, that would be their own interpretation of gourmet coffee. Although there is a running theme in what consumers prefer in their coffee. There are two prominent beans that are used to makes coffee and they are Arabica and Robusta. Arabica is typically harder to grow and considered more rich whereas Robusta can be grown everywhere and has a bitter taste to it. Arabica beans are considered high quality beans because there are harder to grow. These types of beans are usually found in higher altitudes and are less of an abundance than the Robusta bean.

Arabica v. Robusta

Checking the bag of coffee, you buy, despite their “Gourmet” label on it is essential. Seeing if they are using 100% Arabica beans is already leading you to a better cup of coffee. Typically, if the bag does not say 100% Arabica coffee, chances are they are using Robusta or a combination of the two. Thinking of the word gourmet, you’d think that whatever you are consuming is made from only using the best ingredients.  With coffee that would translate to using beans that are grown in other countries. Having authentic beans will ensure that your coffee has all of the flavors that are native to their origin. Our Fair Trade agreement ensure quality beans from counties such as Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Sumatra.

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Original Roasters provide affordable quality coffee for you, we ensure that our coffee is roasted fresh and to order for your enjoyment. Gourmet coffee is not a term that our team does not take lightly, we want every sip you take of our coffee to be pleasurable for your consumption. We are sure that our coffee will change your perspective of what a gourmet cup of coffee should taste like, order your first bag today:

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