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Original Roasters Coffee is known for the wide variety that we provide when delivering our freshly roasted coffee to our many locations. We would like to take some time to shine the light on one of our more popular selections. The Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee can fill a room with a rich caramel and brown sugar aroma, making anyone crave this unique coffee. Brazil has become a major manufacturer of coffee, with 220,000 coffee farms. The country produces about 85% of Arabica beans in its region, making them a top quality producer.

Brazil Bourbon Santos Coffee has a rich caramel flavor with a buttery finish.

As we say, we put pride in the beans that we provide to our client base. Although Brazil is known for cultivating Arabica coffee beans, we still take time to inspect our beans, and only roast the best. Our Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee is slow roasted in micro batches in an air roaster. Slow roasting coffee gives the roaster the ability to roast the beans just right. Also, using an air roaster helps the bean retain the flavors that would otherwise be lost in a drum roaster. Our beans are roasted just on the verge of being considered a light roast. Our Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee is considered a medium roast with a very low acidity.

One day in 1727, Brazil changed forever.

The history behind coffee production in Brazil is quite interesting. It is said that the very first coffee tree was introduced in 1727. As history tells it, the Portuguese had threatened to cut off coffee production for some countries. Coffee seeds were then smuggled from New Guinea and planted in Brazil. The mass production of coffee didn’t begin until the 19th century. America recognized the delicious flavors of the Brazilian coffee and thus the production of coffee in Brazil began. Brazil is the only location that cultivates coffee that is a high frost-risk zone. Frost has the potential to destroy coffee trees. There are times where trees will have to be cut down and replaced by new ones, which will take 6-7 years to produce fruit. Thus, as winter draws nearer, Brazil is predicting a bad year for coffee. Get your Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee while you still can.

Brazil is also part of our Fair Trade Program.

With the mass production of coffee in the country, everyone is trying to get their hands on it. Many of these 220,000 coffee farmers make their living trying to provide quality coffee to their consumers. Larger companies are able to make a larger profit from buying beans at a lower price, nearly stealing the beans from their farmer. We know growing coffee in Brazil is not the easiest, so we make sure that our farmers that we partner with are paid fairly. We make sure that the farmers are treated fairly for the hard work that they provide us. Without our farmers, we would not be able to give you the lovely Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee that you all love.

Brazil is such a gifted country, being able to provide such great quality coffee. From time to time, we will post about one of our coffee selections to appreciate them. The Brazil Bourbon Santos coffee has been one of our ‘Customer’s Choice’ coffee since we introduced it. It is no question that the rich buttery flavor profiles that the beans have to offer and our unique roasting produces our top coffee.

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