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Gourmet Coffee Peru
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About Our Gourmet Coffee Roasting

Here at Original Roasters we have perfected our roasting technique, as we receive our Arabica beans from our various different regions, we treat each bean with care. Our gourmet coffees are micro-roasted in small batches in our custom air-roasting roaster to ensure each bean is well-rounded, full of flavor, and never bitter. Air roasting is the best way to roast gourmet coffee, making it easy to drink without any cream or sugar. Unlike drum type roasters, we are able to retain all of the beans’ flavors that would have otherwise gotten lost. Because our beans are roasted in an air-roasting roaster, we are able to slow down our roasting process by about 20% so the coffees reach their peak at just the right time.

We provide medium, dark and blended gourmet coffee beans for your enjoyment, each flavor profile unique in its own way. Because we are a local roaster, we have the ability to roast to order, this means that once you place an order for a bag of our  gourmet coffee, that is when we will begin our roasting process. Our Special Blends give a coffee lover everything a single bean coffee can’t. We balance and create nuances that emulate elements found in the most expensive coffees and we offer them at a fair price.  We take pride in the beans that we provide to our consumers, our goal is to give you the best beans that you can get.

Featured Coffee

Gourmet Coffee Kona Blend Coffee


Our Kona Coffee Blend is a medium roast with medium acidity and a decently strong body. It gives off a pretty sweet vanilla like aroma with hints of almond, chocolate, and a floral finish.  We blend South American gourmet coffee beans that enhance the fantastic characteristics to compliment the natural goodness of our Kona Coffee.