Peru, Decaffeinated

Peru, Decaffeinated


Natural Water Decaffeinated Process.  Hints of citrus sweetness and toasted cocoa.


Product Description

Natural Water Decaffeinated-Grown in the lush rainforest in the amazon, this coffee bean creates a very smooth cup of coffee with mild to low acid and a rich body that any coffee lover would enjoy.  Hints of citrus sweetness and toasted cocoa. The Natural Water Decaffeinated Process removes 99.99% of the caffeine. Our Peru, Decaffeinated coffee has all the rich flavors of our Peru blend coffee, just without the unwanted caffeine.


Coffee Roast:  Medium Roasted Coffee


Coffee Flavor:  Hints of citrus sweetness and toasted cocoa


Coffee Quality:  We use 100% Specialty Coffee also known as Coffea Arabica.


Coffee Size:  Our coffee comes in a 16 oz./1 lb. bags.


Shipping:  Shipping is calculated by USPS Flat Rate Service.


Sales Tax:  There is no sales tax on this item.

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Drip Grind, Whole Bean


Peru, South America


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