kona extra fancy

Kona Extra Fancy 100%


Mild sweet fruit, nuts and wine flavors.


Product Description

Kona Extra Fancy is the highest grade of Kona coffee you can purchase.  Kona coffee is much more mild than coffees from Africa and Indonesia, but have a sweeter, wine and fruit undertones with hints of nuts.  You can expect a balanced cup of coffee, we roast our Kona a  medium roast to capture all the delicate flavors of pure Kona coffee.


Coffee Roast:  Medium Roast


Coffee Flavor:  Sweetness, wine and fruit undertones with hints of nuts.



Coffee Quality:  We use 100% Specialty Coffee also known as Coffea Arabica.



Coffee Size:1  lb./16 oz.



Coffee Roast: Shipping is calculated by USPS Flat Rate Service.



Sales Tax: There is no sales tax on this item.

Additional information

Weight N/A

Drip Grind, Whole Bean


Kona, Hawaii United States


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