Colombia, Decaffeinated

Colombia, Decaffeinated


Natural Water Decaffeinated. Medium acidity; Citrus nodes with an earthy undertone.


Product Description

It’s all in the name. “Supremo” is the supreme bean. The Colombia Supremo bean is the biggest in size and taste in Colombia. This smooth brewing coffee is a delight to any coffee drinker’s pallet. With a sweet and nutty bloom, its smooth body is complemented with citrus nodes.  We medium roast our Colombia Supremo, so our customer could get all the nuances, you lose when it is roasted to dark. This coffee has been decaffeinated by the Natural Water Decaffeinated Process, which uses no chemicals and removes 99.99% of the caffeine. Our Colombia, Decaffeinated coffee has all of smooth nutty flavors as our Colombia blend coffee, just without the unwanted caffeine.


Coffee Roast:  Medium


Coffee Flavor:  Medium acidity; Citrus nodes with an earthy undertone


Coffee Quality:  We use 100% Specialty Coffee also known as Coffea Arabica.


Coffee Size:  Our coffee comes in a 16 oz. or 12 oz. bags.


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Sales Tax:  There is no sales tax on this item.

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Drip Grind, Whole Bean


Colombia, South America


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