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Perfect fro the coffee consumer in your life. You can choose two- 1 lb. bags of coffee. The basket also includes our #2 Filtropa filters. This basket is put together in a natural wood tray and sealed so your package will stay intact.


Product Description

Enjoy our Coffee Lovers Gift Basket that contains your choice of coffee, whole bean or ground with coffee filters. Take this Coffee Lovers Gift Basket as a housewarming present or anniversary present or just keep it for yourself. Our Coffee Lovers Gift Basket is perfect for any occasion. Create yours today. Once your selections are made, we place your contents in a natural wooden tray and carefully wrapped so it stays intact.

French Roast

Our French Roast is our darkest roast – with our roasting technique you can expect our dark roast to go to the core of the bean without burning the coffee bean.  You can tell the freshness of our coffee by the oily coating that occurs during the second crack of roasting.

Brazil Bourbon Santos

The Brazil Bourbon Santos is one of the highest grade beans from the region. Its superior quality makes for an amazing coffee. Brazilian Bourbon Santos has a light to medium body, yields a low acidity, and has a very pleasant aroma. This coffee is recommended as a Medium Roast.

Mocha Java

One of the most established and popular, pre-blended coffee, Mocha Java (also known as Moka Java) is a blend of Yemen and Java beans. A smooth blend, with a robust taste, including citrus and fruity undertones and earthy aftertaste. Medium-bodied, light acidity. Roasted medium to medium-dark.

San Francisco Roast

The San Francisco Roast is a mix of the finest beans from South and Central America. Half French Roast, and Half Light Roast, this blend is has a complex body with sweet and melodic tones followed by a buttery finish.

Decaf Peru

The Natural Water Decaffeinated Process removes 99.99% of the caffeine. Our Peru, Decaffeinated coffee has all the rich flavors of our Peru blend coffee, just without the unwanted caffeine.

Filtropa Filters

Filtropa white (bleached) coffee filters are high quality products manufactured from specially compound paper completely free of taste and smell. Bonded without the use of any glues or chemicals, and certified dioxin-free. Each box contains 100 filters. Designed and made in Holland. Filtropa’s filters are approved by the International Food and Drug Administration.

Additional information

Weight 42 oz

Whole Bean, Ground

Coffee 1

San Francisco, French Roast, Brazil, Mocha Java, Decaf Peru

Coffee 2

San Francisco, French Roast, Brazil, Mocha Java, Decaf Peru


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