Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Making the Perfect Cup of Coffee

We all want that perfect cup of coffee in the morning, but finding the right ratio and right technique for your coffee can be a hassle. Why not find out how to make your coffee in the morning be an experience and not just your daily routine fix for caffeine? Knowing the most enjoyable way to make fresh cup of joe in the morning will be one more thing you won’t have to dread in the morning, worried that you didn’t quite get the measurements right or afraid of the inconsistent tastes in your coffee. Follow these 4 steps and making coffee will be a breeze every morning:

  1. Buy whole beans.

Buying your coffee beans whole will ensure that your beans still maintain that fresh taste. When you buy ground coffee and when they are not kept in well preserved environments our coffee can go stale more quickly than whole beans.

  1. Grind your beans.

Grind your beans to ensure you get that refreshing taste. If you find that in the past your coffee has been a bit too light try grinding your beans finer and vice versa if you feel your coffee is usually too strong, try grinding your beans coarser.

Making Coffee has never been this fun!

  1. Brew your beans.

When brewing your cup of coffee be sure to use filtered water either from water bottles or, to save on money, 10-gallon jug water. Using 1 ounce of coffee to every 16 ounces of water is recommended to obtain a balanced cup.

  1. Love your Coffee.

As much as we all love coffee, though you should let it set. Drinking coffee with a burnt tongue is never as fun as it seems and can ruin your whole experience. And  once it has cooled to the appropriate temperature you will be able to taste the many flavors that coffee can offer you. Making coffee can be the easiest drink to make. Though, it can also be the easiest drink to mess up. Following these steps can ensure that you can make a great cup of coffee each time.

Original Roasters takes pride in developing the perfect experience for your morning, afternoon and evening cup of coffee. We understand how important it is for our consumers to enjoy their cup of joe. That is why we take time to prepare our beans and don’t take anything less than perfection and neither should you. You’ll love it so much you’ll be making coffee for every occasion!


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