How to Find Your Office’s Next Coffee Provider

1. Research

Don’t be afraid to explore your options. Though, it may be easy to get overwhelmed with the number of options at your disposal.

A few tips to help narrow your search:

  • Jot down a list of what you’re looking for in your coffee provider— this will help you narrow down your options
  • Figure out what you’re comfortable with spending


Researching a coffee provider on a laptop



2. Quality of Coffee

This is essential. Who wants to drink a bad cup of coffee?

This crosses paths with the research element. Consider what’s important to you in your decision process. Do you want the company to be fair trade certified? Maybe you want the company to use organic coffee beans in its roasting process. Don’t settle for average coffee.


Coffee in a mug with spilled coffee beans.



3. Determine if It’s a Good Fit

Consider making a list of the specific things you want this coffee company to provide you. Look at what they can do for you.

Also, look at what your entire office would want. Do most of them commute from far away or get to work early? Those employees would probably want something with a little more caffeine. Maybe it’s the other way around, and your employees work more efficiently with lower amounts of caffeine. Look at options that will compliment or add to your office environment.


Workers brainstorming at a meeting.



4. Look at the Service This Company Provides

Do you want a coffee company that genuinely cares about you and your office? It’s important to keep in mind the service aspect of a coffee company. It’s ideal to find a coffee company that will work with you and listen to you as some of your requests or needs may vary. The next tip will help you gauge the company’s quality of service.


Coffee served on a table with plants.



5. Read Testimonials or Customer Reviews

These are extremely important in understanding the way each coffee company does business. Now that customer reviews have been made more public, with services like Yelp, it’s also made it easier to hold businesses more accountable.

Look at customer reviews of the coffee companies that made it on your short list. If they have posted testimonials, check those out as well. Reviews and testimonials will give you a good sense of what the company is about and the service you should expect.


People review a coffee provider



6. Try Out the Product

Don’t be afraid to test out the product that you’re considering. This not only helps you try out the product, but it also helps you try out the company. You will have your first experience with them, whether you physically go to a store location, or order online. Regardless, the first impression is the most important. Let them wow you.


Someone tests coffee brands and jots down notes.



Let these tips guide you in your search for your office’s next coffee provider.

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