Finding Your Perfect Coffee Roast

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There have been many disputes on what is better, dark, light or medium coffee roast. There have been people who could testify that darker coffees are more bitter thus lighter coffees are the way to go. Then there are some that would say that lighter coffees have no caffeine so darker is the way to go. You may not even know the preference of your cup of coffee. And to you, we are here to help you find your perfect cup of coffee to make your mornings just a little bit better.

Step One: Get Quality Coffee

You may be content with the powdered coffee or the pre-ground coffee that you bought some months ago, on the counter. The truth of the matter is, once coffee is ground and opened it starts to lose some of its qualities almost immediately. When picking out coffee, you should always buy whole bean coffees. These not only last longer, but you do not lose those qualities as fast.

Large coffee companies often use preservatives in their coffees, ensuring that their shelf life will last long after the usual expiration date of coffee. This not only is unhealthy, but it also compromises the integrity of the coffee they are selling. Not many companies offer freshly roasted coffee because the shelf life isn’t as long as processed coffee.

Step Two: Understanding Different Roasts

Simply put there are three different grades of coffee that are commonly known. Each grade is defined by the different stage the bean is during the roasting process. Light is usually indicated after the first crack of the bean. Medium is during the second crack. Dark roasts are not roasted much long after the second crack is made, but the time it does spend in our air roaster, its pigmentation is very dark and oils start to seep from the bean.

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Step Three: Explore and Find Your Coffee Roast

It may be a bit intimidating finding a new brand of coffee to try. But coffee is more than a caffeine pick-me-up. Do not be fooled by some of the misconceptions of light and dark coffees. For example, do not choose a dark roasted coffee simply because you believe there to be more caffeine. This is false. Lighter coffees tend to retain more caffeine because the roasting process eliminates the caffeine the longer it is roasted. Read more misconceptions.

Coffee should be an enjoyable experience. You should be excited to make your cup of coffee in the morning. Finding the perfect roast for you is the first step. Not everyone is a coffee connoisseur, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t respect a great tasting cup of coffee. Find your perfect coffee roast of coffee and start enjoying your cup.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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