6 Amazing Coffee Hacks to Start Using Now

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Some could argue that coffee is the greatest thing that man has ever discovered.  Recently we have searched far and wide the best coffee hacks.  We have narrowed the hundreds of hacks to the top 6.  We all know that coffee is great on its own, you’ll be amazed on how your love of it can expand.

Our Top Coffee Hacks:


1. Cinnamon Instead of Sugar

Looking for a little extra spice in your coffee?  Add a pinch of cinnamon.  Adding cinnamon is one of the best coffee hacks if you are wanting a healthier taste as opposed to adding extra sugar.


2. Make Coffee Ice Cubes

This hack is great if you have leftover coffee from the morning brew.  Pour your it into ice trays and freeze until solid and take out when you are feeling for an iced coffee or latte.


3. Bitter? Add A Pinch of Salt.

You’ll never need this with our coffee, but this is a great hack for some restaurants with bitter coffee.  No worries, add a pinch of salt to fight the bitterness.


4. Add to Baked Goods

I’ve tried this with a few baked goods and it is delicious.  Brownies and cakes can become enhanced by using a touch of coffee.  It does not overpower the cake / brownie flavor, but gives an extra dimension.  For bakers, this is one of the best coffee hacks and baking hacks.


5. Reuse Coffee Grinds for Your Garden

Used coffee grinds typically go into the trash.  People have found different things to use used coffee grinds for, the best I’ve found was using them in your garden.  Grinds contain certain amounts of potassium, nitrogen and other minerals to help your garden thrive.


6. Let it Cool for Better Taste

Studies have shown that drinking scorching coffee can taste more bitter than when you let it cool.  Yes, we may all be eager to take that first drink, but wait just a moment to let the flavor profiles settle.  It is a simple coffee hack, but many people don’t know to be a little patient.

Our goal is improving your coffee experience.  We believe that drinking coffee should be more than just a caffeine fix.  Drinking it should be one that you should be excited to do every morning / afternoon.  These coffee hacks have been found with you in mind.  We wanted to give you a little insight on how you can make it a bit more pleasurable.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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