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Gourmet Tea
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Gourmet Tea

About Our Gourmet Tea Selection

Original Roasters, though known for our gourmet coffee, we also specialize in tea. We offer a wide variety of tea. We carry different variations of black, green and herbal tea, we also carry different decaffeinated teas. When you buy tea online from us, it is of the same quality that would be found in stores and cafes. Several local cafes and markets have our tea at their location to provide to their customer base. Our loose leaf tea is kept in resealable bags to ensure freshness. We also give the option of ordering 20 ct. bags; each bag is in its own sealed bag to keep each bag fresh. We want you to be able to buy tea online and get fresh, gourmet taste. Our high end tea has set original roasters apart from the rest by only accepting the highest quality leaves and ingredients. We would not serve any tea that we ourselves would not drink. Tea is one of the most consumed beverages, with our wide selection you are sure to find something for everyone. Tea, like coffee is very versatile, you have the option of making a refreshing hot cup of tea or making a cool glass of iced tea. Whichever way you choose to drink your tea, Original Roasters has the gourmet tea you’ll love. Buy tea online today!

Featured Tea


With such bold flavors it’s no question why our Apricot Black tea is loved by many. Apricot Fruit tea is a wonderful blend of tantalizing flavors and colors! Black tea supplies a rich foundation of full-bodied taste, while the real pieces of apricot nestle amongst the leaves and impart a natural sweetness to the dark red infusion. Calendula petals, also known asmarigolds, enhance the blend with the floral fragrance of springtime,and introduce a spray of gold!