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How many times have we walked into the local market, that is ran by our mom’s colleague that has been there for longer than you can remember? How many times have we walked into our locally owned market where we get local fruits, veggies, beer, and off in the coffee aisle there isn’t a single locally owned wholesale coffee service company selling their coffee? *Cough cough* Have you ever wondered how long those commercial coffee bags have been sitting on that shelf? Trust me, you don’t want to know. Original Roasters Coffee is a local coffee roasting company supplying coffee to local businesses and straight to your door.

We all have our local spots that we love. These kinds of stores are our bread and butter. One of the biggest and most convenient ways that we provide our signature freshly roasted coffee to our customers is by supplying our coffee in local stores. Your local market shops, you go to buy and support other small businesses. Though there are some market owners may think that they have enough coffee variations. Providing freshly roasted wholesale coffee for your customers in San Jose, CA, Morgan Hill, CA or Gilroy, CA, will set yourself aside from Safeway or Walmart.

Wholesale Coffee Service Consignment

When we supply wholesale coffee into your local market we recognize how business may fluctuate and it may seem a bit intimidating having new product in your shop thinking that you must sell everything on the shelf. All our merchandise is on consignment; this means you pay for what you sell. We will supply you with the coffee that we believe you will sell. If you sell it, you would pay. If the coffee is unsuccessful in your store, there is no responsibility to you.

Wholesale Coffee Services

Once you stalk our products in your store, we will have a representative visit your store once every two weeks or so to take inventory and restock if necessary. In our supplied markets in Morgan Hill, CA we offer a fraction of what we offer in our online website. And at times we have had market owners place special orders for their customers. We will take those special orders and next time our representative comes in, we will bring the coffee in.

Original Roasters provide the finest wholesale products out in the market. We make sure our coffee is always fresh. We have scheduled rotations and advanced inventory tracking to make sure our customers experience with our coffee is a great one. Once we are in your store, you will see we are the best in wholesale coffee service.

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