Serving Fresh Roasted Coffee

Serving Fresh Roasted Coffee

At Original Roasters Coffee Company, pride ourselves on fresh roasted coffee. We do tend to say that a lot, but it is what sets us apart from other companies. We are a small coffee company, but that gives us the benefit of big results. There aren’t a lot of roasters in the Morgan Hill, Gilroy, CA area that has the resources to provide such service. Bigger businesses have to roast large batches at a time to fulfill their demand. This means that the bag of coffee that you would buy at the grocery store could have been roasted weeks if not month previous from that. The reason why we stretch that we freshly roast our beans tells our consumers that we understand our coffee beans.

Coffee is a very delicate drink. The moment the roasting process if finished the flavor profiles are already leaking from the bean. The roasting process that the bean undertakes is activating certain flavor profiles. We roast our beans in an air roaster, which gives us the opportunity to extract flavor profiles that would otherwise be lost in a drum roaster. When we roast coffee beans we only roast in small batches. Roasting coffee in small batches allows us to make sure that each bean is carefully matured to our desired profile. We take time to ensure that all our beans are roasted the same leaving them smooth and never bitter. Not only do we take care of our coffee beans in the roasting process we take it one step further and roast to order.

Original Roasters is truly the only local coffee distributor that is able to provide fresh roasted coffee.

We can deliver coffee to your home and we supply our fresh roasted coffee in local markets. We supply markets/ cafes with our coffee where they sell and/or use our coffee at their location. (See local vendors near you.) In 2014, we introduced an office coffee service where we will supply your office with our freshly roasted coffee. Getting clients in your office, having a great cup of coffee will really sell that you care about every aspect of your business. No matter how small it may be. Having the first impression of your office being a bad cup of coffee can put your client in a bad mood. Having a great cup of coffee will help ease clients and want them asking for more. They may even come back just for the coffee alone.

Fresh roasted coffee is definitely something to brag about.

We like to lay out all of our information for our customers, we want you to know exactly what you are getting. Larger companies say that their coffee has a fresh roasted taste, though this does not mean that it is freshly roasted. Other companies have to twist words to make their coffee more appealing. There are companies that can try to mimic the fresh roasted taste. They achieve this by chemically inducing the coffee bean to have certain flavors, so their shelf-life can be months. Yes, it is easier to cut lines and use chemicals, but that isn’t what we are about. Original Roasters is a company that prides itself on fresh roasted coffee and excellent customer service. So, when an order is placed though our online base, the order is sent to our master roaster and that is when your order will be roasted.

Our customers are everything to us. Without all of them, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are today. We are always available to those who have questions and that want to learn more about our services. If you want to order your bag of fresh roasted coffee visit one of our local vendors or order online and we will start roasting!

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