Getting Local Quality Coffee Location Morgan Hill, CA

Getting Local Quality Coffee Location Morgan Hill, CA

Original Roasters serves freshly roasted coffee and quality every week, from San Francisco to Morgan Hill, CA and everywhere in between. We thrive on giving local quality coffee to our customers. Our coffee is not roasted until an order has been placed ensuring that you are getting the freshest beans possible. We have partnered with several bakeries and local marketplaces where they sell our coffee. We also sell our coffee online and have it shipped to you. Buying fresh local quality coffee has never been this easy.

Going to grocery stores such as Safeway and Raley’s,can be overwhelming when trying to find a coffee brand that is true to its label. At times it can feel like we are pressured into buying coffee brands that are more well-known. Also, it can be hard for people to stray from things that they are not sure about, trying a new brand can be a bit intimidating. There are so many different coffee brands and types. Having local quality coffee is a big weight to hold on our shoulders, but one that we are glad to carry. Not all coffee is the same, there are several elements that sets Original Roasters apart from other coffee companies. (Read Why Our Gourmet Coffee Is So Good.)

Our coffee beans are used in cafes due to the great pairing that it does with freshly made bread and pastries. Pati’s Perfect Pantry in Morgan Hill, CA has been using our Fair Trade Organic coffee in her bakery for 4 years. She pairs them with her gluten-free products. Caffe Delle Stelle in San Francisco, CA has also been using our coffee, giving their customers the best coffee they can get in San Francisco. Using only Arabica beans, we have been able to serve quality coffee all over the bay area. Roxanne’s Biscotti in Morgan Hill, CA has recently made a new biscotti using our Kona Blend coffee. Original Roasters takes pride in providing the best coffee to offices, marketplaces, and to customers that just enjoy a great cup of coffee.

(Find where you can purchase our local quality coffee at your location here.)

Many of times people settle when drinking coffee. It can be because they are just looking for a caffeine fix or they just unsure what to try. Original Roasters offers a variety of coffee flavors. For those who are coffee fanatics in Morgan Hill, CA, we have bold flavors that would be a perfect fit. There are those who may be unsure what their particular coffee preferences is. Do not fret, we have tame flavors that would be perfect just for you. We believe that coffee should be more than a caffeine fix. We want drinking coffee to be an experience with each and every cup. Our goal is to reach as many people possible to experience the many wonders that coffee has to offer.

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