Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend

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Smooth, Medium Body, Medium Acidity, Floral and Sweet.


Product Description

Our Jamaica Blue Mountain Blend is a gourmet blend comprised of Central and South America coffee beans created to give you similar nuisances you find in a  Jamaica Blue Mountain.  This blend contains 10% of Authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.  We developed this blend for tasters that enjoy Jamaica’s finest, but need it at a reasonable price.


Coffee Roast: Medium Roast
Coffee Taste: Smooth, Medium Body, Medium Acidity, Floral and Sweet.



Coffee Quality: We use 100% Specialty Coffee also known as Coffea Arabica.



Coffee Size: 1 lb./16 oz.



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Additional information

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Drip Grind, Whole Bean


Kona, Hawaii United States


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